Hello! I'm a...

  • Developer

  • Researcher

  • Teacher

Hello, I'm Saul Johnson. A Software Verification Researcher, Software Developer and Teacher from the UK who also goes by lambdacasserole.

I got a boxed copy of Visual Studio 2005 for my birthday way back. Since then I've been writing C#, building websites and engineering databases for freelance clients or just for the thrills. My particular areas of passion/specialisms are encryption, data compression, artificial intelligence and software architecture. I also love programming language design.

There is always something else to learn, another valuable technique to perfect or another piece of knowledge to take in. This is my philosophy and always will be.


The open-source community is what I'm most proud of as a developer. I give back whatever I can.


Huffman tree/compression Maven package for Java.


Bit flipping/manipulation Maven package for Java.


A clean, compatible macro recorder.


RC4 encryption Maven package for Java.


Asset manager for Pixabay images.


Multi-agent middleware for the Java platform.

I'm doing what I love when I'm...

  • Programming

    It goes without saying that programming is what I'm all about. Ideal code is elegant, expressive, clear and concise. I try to write as close to this as I can.

  • Collaborating

    I particularly enjoy collaborating on research and writing with some of the incredibly talented people I have the privilege to know.

  • Learning

    Whether it's an emerging technology, an established standard or even something legacy, there's always something else to discover. This is what draws me to tech.

  • Building

    Of an afternoon, I'll break out the Arduino, Raspberry Pi or even the Galileo for a spot of electronics. There's something enormously satisfying about building things.

  • Speaking

    I love foreign languages as much as I love programming languages. Mandarin Chinese is my favourite, and I speak it with others whenever I can.

  • Making Music

    Writing and performing piano music is my second-favourite thing behind programming. My favourite piece is Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

What others say about my work

  • "A passionate, dedicated developer, Saul's heavily driven towards creating well-architected, maintainable code using sound development practices. His suggestion of a machine learning algorithm for classification based upon free-text descriptions was incredibly useful and time-saving, a testament to his university education and the effort he puts into learning. He's thrilled by learning new technologies and I've no doubt that he will have a fantastic career."

    Alan Pearce - Former Senior Backend Developer at Studio-40

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Middlesbrough, UK