I'm a researcher, teacher & speaker.

I work in software security and formal methods, I'm also known as lambdacasserole.


I'm Saul Johnson. A software verification researcher, developer and teacher from the UK who also goes by lambdacasserole.

I do these things...


I Do Research

I Do Research

You can download any papers/slides from my papers repository.


I Teach

I Teach

I teach, sometimes I give talks at conferences outside academia. Get papers and slides here.


I Write

I Write

I write code mostly on GitHub and I also blog sometimes.


  • Name: Saul Johnson
  • Nationality: British
  • Position: Researcher/Teacher
  • Email: saul.a.johnson@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Saul Johnson. I am a researcher.

I got a boxed copy of Visual Studio 2005 for my birthday way back. Since then I've been writing C#, building websites and engineering databases for freelance clients or just for the thrills. My particular areas of passion/specialisms are encryption, data compression, artificial intelligence and software architecture. I also love programming language design.

There is always something else to learn, another valuable technique to perfect or another piece of knowledge to take in. This is my philosophy and always will be.


"The power of Open Source is the power of the people. The people rule." - Phillipe Kahn

I'm doing what I love when I'm...

1. Programming

Programming is what I'm all about. Ideal code is elegant, expressive, clear and concise. I write as close to this as I can.

2. Collaborating

I particularly enjoy collaborating on research and writing with some of the incredibly talented people I know.

3. Learning

Whether it's an emerging technology or an established standard, there's always something else to discover.

4. Building

Of an afternoon, I'll break out the Arduino, Raspberry Pi or even the Galileo for a spot of electronics.

5. Speaking

I love foreign languages as much as I love programming languages. Mandarin Chinese is my favourite.

6. Making Music

Writing and performing piano music is my second-favourite thing behind programming.


Feel free to contact me.

Contact Information

Middlesbrough, UK

Email: saul.johnson@gmail.com