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This repository contains all papers and slides I have contributed to, presented or delivered.

Clojure Tools for Practical Artificial Intelligence | EuroClojure 2017 - Berlin, Germany

Simon Lynch, Saul Johnson

In this workshop paper, we aim to provide a foundation of techniques and tools to make construction of software systems that utilize planning and inference mechanisms more accessible to developers working in the Clojure programming language.

Paper [PDF] | Slides [PDF]

Certified Password Quality | Integrated Formal Methods 2017 (iFM) - Turin, Italy

Joao Ferreira, Saul Johnson, Alexandra Mendes, Phil Brooke

We propose the use of modern proof assistants to specify, implement, and verify password quality checkers. We use the proof assistant Coq, focusing on Linux PAM, a widely-used implementation of pluggable authentication modules for Linux.

Paper [PDF] | Slides [PDF]

I Think You Left Your Redirect Open: The Threat Posed By Unvalidated Redirects/Forwards | TDFCon 2018 - Middlesbrough, UK

Saul Johnson

During this talk we'll demonstrate a particularly deceptive phishing attack, advise on what can be done to protect against it occurring and examine Ordinator—a browser extension specifically engineered to prevent phishing attacks that use an open redirect from a legitimate login page to gain the trust of users.

Slides [PDF]